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Result of domestic market children's footwear

Recently,the Bureau of Quality Supervision of Jiangsu Province has organized randomcheck on children’s

footwear. They checked 98 batches of shoes in total, ofwhich 20 batches are sold in shopping mall, and 10

batches are sold insupermarket, 65 batches are sold online, and 3 batches are collected in localfactories.

Most of the samples are children’s athletic shoes.

Thetest items are formaldehyde, abrasion of outsole, bonding strength of upper andsole and hardness of

outsole. The result is that 88 batches are conformity withrelated standards, and the conformity rate is 89.8%.

The main problem isabrasion of outsole cannot meet the requirement of standards.

Besides,there are 71 batches of products are found not compliance with QB/T 26732013Footwear Specifica

tion of Marking, and the rate is 72.4%. And thenon-conformity of specification and marking of shoes are the


wAbsence ofproduction date;

wAbsence of after-saleinstruction;

wAbsence ofmaterial description;

wAbsence of productstandard code of wrong number;

wAbsence of productname, quality grade and/or color;

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